Palatine Real Estate: Palatine Home SOLD in Peppertree Farms Subdivision!

Palatine Real Estate

Peppertree Farms Subdivision HAS SOLD! Fabulous Palatine Real Estate for Sale in Peppertree Farms Subdivision. This great ranch style home is completely redone with all newer mechanicals, high end finishes and new windows and doors throughout. Walking into this … [Read more...]

Peppertree Farms Is where its At!


Peppertree Farms is where you want to live in Palatine! This neighborhood is just adorable! Peppertree Farms is a unique development of 234 homes surrounding a beautifully landscaped lake. There is a distinct look and feel about our neighborhood including a range of families from "start-ups" to … [Read more...]

Palatine Area & Cook County Housing Market Predictions: Optimistic For 2013!

Real Estate Predictions 2013

This is the time of year that many people remove their home from the market due to weather conditions and holiday obligations, or simply do not list it at all. We are seeing subtle differences this year so far, and are predicting that the trends of 2013 will be the reverse of that. Housing supply is … [Read more...]

Palatine Real Estate, Don’t Let Down Payment Intimidate


If you are considering buying Palatine real estate it is important to not let the down payment intimidate you.  It is nearly impossible to read about real estate these days without coming away feeling like loans are impossible to come by.  While it is extremely beneficial to have the funds for a 10 … [Read more...]

Business is Growing in Palatine Illinois

Palatine Illinois

Business is growing in Palatine Illinois, a sure sign of an improving economy.  The month of February welcomed 12 new businesses to Palatine, ranging from printing and packaging services to a staffing company and everything in between.  The addition of new businesses is great to see as it adds … [Read more...]

Palatine Real Estate, Owning A Home Matters

Owning Palatine real estate

When it comes to Palatine real estate owning a home matters.  Studies show that over time owning a home returns an investment, serving as a savings account of sorts.  Of course when examining the benefits of home ownership studies are looking at people who are owning homes for the long terms as … [Read more...]

Palatine Opportunity Center Offers Support to Community

Palatine Illinois has many programs that benefit the community

The Palatine Opportunity Center offers support to community members in need in Palatine Illinois.  The vision on the Palatine Opportunity Center “is to have a community of strong citizens, healthy families, and vibrant neighborhoods.”  Through programs, activities and events the Palatine Opportunity … [Read more...]

Selling Palatine Real Estate, Staging Helps

Selling Palatine real estate

When selling Palatine real estate it is important to remember that staging helps. In today’s competitive market there are two ways to attract a buyer: price and appearance. Unfortunately a lot of sellers are not in a position, or lack the desire, to lower the price of their Palatine property too … [Read more...]

Palatine Community Can Recycle Shoes

Palatine community

The Palatine community can now recycle shoes through the Reuse-A-Shoe Program.  The program allows worn out athletic shoes to be dropped off at the Village of Palatine lobby from now through May 16th.  The shoes will then be recycled to create athletic surfaces.  The program is a Nike program which … [Read more...]

Group in Palatine Illinois Offers Public Speaking Success

Toastmasters in Palatine Illinois

There is a group in Palatine Illinois that offers public speaking success.  Toastmasters is a group that has taken off across the country, offering helpful advice, tools, topics, and  a platform to speak and share your ideas.   A non-profit group, Toastmasters has proven to be an integral part of … [Read more...]