Palatine Opportunity Center Offers Support to Community

Palatine Illinois has many programs that benefit the communityThe Palatine Opportunity Center offers support to community members in need in Palatine Illinois.  The vision on the Palatine Opportunity Center “is to have a community of strong citizens, healthy families, and vibrant neighborhoods.”  Through programs, activities and events the Palatine Opportunity Center gains exposure, raises funds and helps residents of Palatine Illinois who are underserved and in need of help.  Helping with literacy and technical training allows those who may not have access to the right education the tools that they need to succeed.

The Palatine Opportunity Center, “Helping People Help Themselves”, offers the following services:

  • PHD – Counseling for Pregnancy Help & Education
  • ECDEC – providing early learning experiences for children ages 0-3 and daily preschool for children 3-5 years old, as well as involving the parents in the importance of these formative years.
  • The Bridge – Youth and Family Counseling
  • CEDA – educating those in need on utility assistance, job placement, career education and housing.
  • Palatine Park District  & Buehler YMCA – After School Program
  • Palatine Park District – Recreation for children and adults.

In addition the Palatine Opportunity Center offers programs for senior citizens, health programs, literacy and so much more.  These services are instrumental in nurturing those in need in the Palatine area.

Palatine real estate values benefit greatly from its community resources.  Community is a cornerstone on any area and commitment, involvement and cohesiveness combine to enhance a town’s strengths.  Contact us today to learn more about living in Palatine Illinois as well as to learn more about the real estate opportunities that exist here.

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