Palatine Stables Fall Festival, My Home Town!

Palatine Fall Festival

When: October 11, 201 Hours: Saturday 11am-6pm Where: Palatine Stables, 1510 W. Northwest Hwy, Palatine Who: Everyone and Anyone Tickets: Free Admission Who to Contact: Palatine Stables at 847-359-0009 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Petting Zoo 11:00am-3:00pm Wagon Rides 11:00am-3:00pm Riding Demos … [Read more...]

De-Stressing the Stress of Home Selling!

Passionately Pam

De-Stressing the Stress of Home Selling The housing market is finally experiencing some positive momentum and a slow upswing. With supply still available, many owners are looking to sell their current homes and “right-size”. Recently, my friend, a successful top real estate broker and … [Read more...]

Northern Illinois Garage Sale Tips

Garage Sale

Northern Illinois Garage Sale Tips You Need to Know! Do you live in Northern Illinois? Are you getting ready to sell your home and have some things to get rid of? Do you have sellable items lying around your house? I have some great information if you need some Garage Sale tips. There are … [Read more...]

Vernon Hills Real Estate, Buy or Rent?

Rent Vs. Buy Vernon Hills Real Estate

Buy or Rent Vernon Hills Real Estate, That is the Question? When it comes to Vernon Hills Real Estate many people are asking themselves, should I buy or rent? It is a great question, especially considering how many headlines and news sources are blaring that it is a BUYERS MARKET. Affordability … [Read more...]

Make Space for a Home Office in Your Lake County Home!

The Benefits of a Home Office

Space for an office can be a priority for those looking to buy Lake County homes. More and more people are doing some, part or all of their work from home these days and having a productive space can really draw a buyer in. Do you have a space in your Lake County home for a home office? Or perhaps a … [Read more...]

Selling Buffalo Grove Area Real Estate: It’s All About Curb Appeal!

Buffalo Grove Real Estate

When selling Buffalo Grove real estate many believe that it’s all about curb appeal. Curb appeal can be the difference between a potential buyer parking and wanting to come in to learn more or simply driving on down the road to the next house with a for sale sign in the front yard. Luckily many of … [Read more...]

Internet Valuable Asset for Owners of Lake County Area Homes

Lake County Illinois

The internet is an extremely valuable asset for owners of Lake County homes. Whether you are planning a remodel, need to find an exterminator, or you are considering refinancing, the internet provides a wealth of resources much like a library all at the tips of your fingers. Let’s face it, when we … [Read more...]

Buffalo Grove Area and Vernon Hills Area Real Estate Trends in 2013

2013 Home Buying and Selling Predictions

We have seen buyer demand gain momentum in the Buffalo Grove and Vernon Hills area, and it seemed as though it began right at the start of the new year. Household formations skyrocketed to new levels in 2012, and are expected to multiply at a faster rate in the next year or so. We are still … [Read more...]

Palatine Area & Cook County Housing Market Predictions: Optimistic For 2013!

Real Estate Predictions 2013

This is the time of year that many people remove their home from the market due to weather conditions and holiday obligations, or simply do not list it at all. We are seeing subtle differences this year so far, and are predicting that the trends of 2013 will be the reverse of that. Housing supply is … [Read more...]

National News: 3.8% Tax on Real Estate

National Real Estate News

There is a 3.8% tax in the healthcare reform bill; however much of the information circulating on the Internet is grossly inaccurate – the tax is not a transfer tax, and it will not be imposed on all real estate transactions. The 3.8% tax will take effect beginning January 1, 2013. The new tax … [Read more...]